“EDC info-net SOFTWRAE SOLUTION PRIVATE LIMITED” is one of the leading name in providing Specialized Trainings to Engineering, M.Sc., MCA an under graduate candidates.
Our highly trained and experienced Technical team can serve to any kind of Corporate / Institute level Training needs, whether it is Technologies (like .Net, Java / J2EE, PHP, etc.), Products (like MS BizTalk Server 2006, Quick Test Professional, etc.), Databases (MS SQL Server 2005, Oracle, etc.), ERP packages, among others.
The Company grooms an individual in Industry endorsed technologies / products, to bridge the gap between the Employer requirements and the Candidate's skill-set. Employers prefer the skilled manpower to cut down the Training Cost.
We offer Technology Training in two length modules:

Whether you are a beginner in the Web Industry, or an established code ninja, there's always something to learn!
Look up recommended courses by occupation, or find courses by a particular skill you would like to pick up. Feel free to combine courses and create a package that suits you best!
And if you're not sure where to start, you can always talk to us.

1. Find Courses by Profession

Want to be a "Front-End Web Developer", but don't know where to start? Let us recommend a course for you.

Occupations in the IT Industry

The various roles in the IT Industry can be roughly divided into the following categories. Let's take a look at the required skills for each field.

2. Find Courses by Purpose

Switching careers? Starting your own business? Looking to take up a freelancing career? We can help.

Choose what you would like to do


3. Find Courses by Skills

Already know the field you want to be in? Looking for a particular set of skills to learn? Find them here!

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4. Build A Customised Course

Pick course combinations that fill your needs. Tell us what you think works best for you, and we'll make it happen.

Create a Customised Course

Mix and match the skills you would like to learn and build a course that suits you best!

  1. If you want to switch from Desktop Publishing to the Web
    Web Design + Web Development
  2. Recommended for people from the Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design background who would like to expand their skillset to include Web Production. This course combination will introduce you to the fundamental principles of Web Design and how to plan, create and launch a website.

  3. If you want to create an E-Commerce Website
    Web Design + Web Development + PHP & MySQL + Digital Marketing
  4. From the basics of Web Production, you will learn the technology necessary to create an E-Commerce site. Additionally, you will also gain knowledge about Web Marketing, an essential skill for attracting customers and increasing business revenue.

  5. If you want to market your product on all platforms
    Web Design + Web Development + Responsive Web Design + Digital Marketing
  6. Simply creating a website in today's competitive world is no longer enough. This course combination ensures that you get the skills you need to optimise your website for display across a wide range of devices, and market your services for an increased online presence.

  7. If you want to create a landing page for your application
    JAVA Fundamentals + Android App Development + Web Design + Web Development
  8. Build an impressive Android Application by following techniques from our authorised Android ATC curriculum, as well as a landing page for users looking to explore the features of your application on a PC.

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