info-net is the pioneer Institute of imparting quality education over the last 15+ years. It caters the academic pursuits of thousands of education seekers who are either deprived of education due to some constraint or those who wish to upgrade their qualification and competence. info-net with the help of various universities has one motive, reaching the unreached for building the knowledge-society by offering the quality education at learner's door step.
To evolve a seamless system of higher distance education for sustainable life-long learning and up gradation of knowledge and skills by use of innovative approaches.
Striving to bridge the gap in higher education and aiming to produce well informed and learned society and reaching the unreached, seeks to meet the current and future demands on the system of education.
The growth of distance education has been exponential over the last four decades in our country beginning. We provide services related to admission and coaching for various University Programs.

Today two terms that are being used almost inter-changeably are ‘Open Learning’ and ‘Distance Education’ and they are often combined to be known as Open and Distance Learning. Open learning is a philosophy and Distance Education is the mode used for translating it into reality as the two are complementary to each other.

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